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Restorative Programmes

In the midst of conflicts and disputes, where tensions can run high and relationships can be strained, we proudly present “Restorative Services,” a mediation programme dedicated to facilitating resolution, fostering understanding, and promoting healing.

Restorative Services offers a compassionate and effective approach to conflict resolution, guided by the principles of restorative justice. Skilled mediators provide a safe and neutral space for individuals, groups, and communities to come together and engage in meaningful dialogue. Through our services, we aim to repair harm, rebuild trust, and restore relationships, empowering participants to find their own solutions and move forward with newfound understanding and peace.

At the heart of Restorative Services is the belief that every conflict holds the potential for transformation and growth. Our mediators are trained in restorative practices, utilizing a collaborative and empathetic approach to facilitate communication and help parties involved in the conflict gain a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives and needs.

Through Restorative Services, participants have the opportunity to actively participate in the resolution process, taking ownership of their conflicts and co-creating sustainable solutions. The mediators foster open dialogue, active listening, and mutual respect, allowing individuals to express their emotions, concerns, and aspirations in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

The impact of Restorative Services extends far beyond the immediate resolution of conflicts. By engaging in restorative practices, individuals and communities can experience deep healing and personal growth. Through guided conversations and facilitated processes, participants develop empathy, strengthen relationships, and gain the tools necessary to navigate future conflicts with resilience and understanding.

Restorative Services is committed to promoting justice, equity, and inclusivity. We recognize the importance of addressing power imbalances and ensuring that all voices are heard and valued. The mediators work diligently to create an environment that fosters equal participation, cultural sensitivity, and respect for diversity.

Choose Restorative Services as your trusted partner in conflict resolution and healing. Let us guide you on a journey towards resolution, reconciliation, and a brighter future. Together, we can transform conflicts into opportunities for growth and create harmonious relationships and thriving communities.

The Centre's Goal

The Centre’s goal is to help you resolve actual or potential conflicts. CCRE programmes, training and services can provide crucial support for reducing the risks of conflict and litigation. To this end, the Centre is committed to equipping individuals, groups, and organisations to successfully address and resolve various forms of conflict.

Our Promise

Whatever the outcome of the process of resolving a particular conflict, the Centre believes the results for all parties can consistently include satisfaction with the process and an appreciation for training as well as utilising individuals who serve as neutrals to help individuals, groups and organisations address their particular circumstances and needs.

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Our Process

Easy Steps To Conflict Resolution

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Initial Consultation

The process begins with an initial consultation where the mediator meets with the conflicted parties, either together or individually, to understand the nature and context of the conflict. This session helps set the ground rules for respectful communication and defines the scope and goals of the mediation.


Facilitated Dialogue

The mediator guides the parties through a structured conversation, encouraging them to express their feelings, needs, and perspectives. Through active listening and constructive communication, the mediator helps parties gain a better understanding of each other's positions and uncover common ground.


Agreement and Resolution

In the final stage, the mediator assists the parties in crafting a mutually agreeable resolution. This agreement should address the concerns and needs of all parties, aiming for a win-win situation. The mediator ensures that the agreement is clear, realistic, and that all parties are committed to adhering to it.


Let's make things better together.

CCRE Europe seeks to consistently deliver high-quality services, grounded in the principles of respect, empathy, and mutual understanding.

The emphasis placed on effective listening skills as part of the Mediation Training Course was most helpful. Improving this strength leads to more effective questions being asked by the Mediator which in turn often leads to a positive outcome for the affected parties

Elizabeth O’Rourke
    Elizabeth O’Rourke

    The Advance Mediation training has been instrumental in giving me the skills to understand the role of a mediator, namely to be a facilitator and not a solution giver. I also learnt that people need to be heard and mediation creates a safe space where this can take place.

    Precious Madubeko
      Precious Madubeko