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CCR Europe facilitates conflict resolution awareness services and access to solutions for individuals, charitable organizations, businesses, administrative agencies, and communities of faith.
“The emphasis placed on effective listening skills as part of the Mediation Training Course was most helpful.”
Elizabeth O’Rourke
About CCRE

Our Aim: To be at the Centre for Conflict Resolution in Europe

The Centre for Conflict Resolution Europe (CCRE) is a partner of the Center for Conflict Resolution from La Sierra University in the United States and its activity is facilitated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ireland (SDACI) as a service to both the religious sector and the community at large.
The Centre’s main goal is to help you resolve actual or potential conflicts and nurture a spirit of mediation as a response to a culture of legal confruntation.
Mediation is a proven alternative to other conflict resolving solutions.
CCRE is a partner of the Center for Conflict Resolution of La Sierra University in the USA
Who We Are

Drawing from a heritage of honesty, respect and openness

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a denomination with a long history of philanthropic service and concern for peace, and the Centre draws on the rich resources of a tradition that encourages honesty, respect, creativity, and openness to peaceful conflict resolution

Time Saving
A viable Alternative

A true personal development starts with conflict resolution.

Our Services

What Service We Offer

The Centre’s goal is to help you resolve actual or potential conflict by equipping individuals, groups, and organisations to successfully address and resolve various forms of conflict.
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Seminars and Workshops

Our Awareness Seminars and Workshops on Conflict Resolution provide an effective platform for individuals, groups, and organizations interested in cultivating a harmonious and collaborative environment.

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Mediation Services

We facilitate Mediation Services which offer a structured, interactive process where a neutral third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques.


Kindness Survey

Our Kindness Survey service is a unique tool designed to evaluate and promote empathy, compassion, and kindness within various settings such as schools, workplaces, and communities, providing meaningful insights for all participants.

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Listening Circles

Our Listening Circles service provides a safe and structured space for individuals to share their experiences, feelings, and perspectives, fostering understanding, empathy, and collective growth.


Restorative Programmes

Our Restorative Congregation/Community Programmes are designed to manage and resolve conflicts, restore damaged relationships, and rebuild trust within religious and community groups.


Mediation for Children

CCRE seeks to partner with other conflict resolution organisations in order to provide a supportive and neutral platform for children to express their feelings, concerns, and ideas, helping them to find mutually agreeable resolutions to their disagreements.

Why Choose Us

CCR Europe is built on values which acknowledge diversity.

Reality of Diversity: We recognize and appreciate the diversity of cultures, experiences, and perspectives within our society. This richness can often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, but it is also a source of potential learning, growth, and innovation.

Conflict exists

We are limited

We have choices

Resolution is possible

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Services (and growing)
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Potential Applications

Mediation as a "Gold Standard" in Conflict Resolution

Examples of practical applications of mediation suitability and techniques across various settings and disputes.

Schoolyard Squabbles: Peer Mediation in Action

Schoolyard Squabbles: Peer Mediation in Action

This study focuses on a corporate team experiencing internal discord due to communication breakdown and differing work styles. smod tempor incididunt ut labore

Community Cohesion: Resolving Neighborhood Disputes

Community Cohesion: Resolving Neighborhood Disputes

Through a series of mediated meetings, the community members were guided to express their concerns, explore solutions, and eventually reach a consensus that satisfied all parties, restoring peace in the community.

Harmonizing a Hostile Workplace: Corporate Conflict Resolution

Harmonizing a Hostile Workplace: Corporate Conflict Resolution

Our professional mediators facilitated dialogues to unearth underlying issues, helping the team rebuild trust, improve communication, and enhance collaboration, which ultimately boosted productivity.

Reuniting Families: Mediation in a Domestic Context

Reuniting Families: Mediation in a Domestic Context

With the assistance of our experienced mediators, the family members were able to communicate their feelings, understand each other's perspectives, and reach an agreement that preserved family relationships


Let's make things better together.

CCRE Europe seeks to consistently deliver high-quality services, grounded in the principles of respect, empathy, and mutual understanding.

The emphasis placed on effective listening skills as part of the Mediation Training Course was most helpful. Improving this strength leads to more effective questions being asked by the Mediator which in turn often leads to a positive outcome for the affected parties


    The Advance Mediation training has been instrumental in giving me the skills to understand the role of a mediator, namely to be a facilitator and not a solution giver. I also learnt that people need to be heard and mediation creates a safe space where this can take place.

      Our Process

      Easy Steps to Conflict Resolution


      Initial Consultation

      The process begins with an initial consultation where the mediator meets with the conflicted parties, either together or individually, to understand the nature and context of the conflict. This session helps set the ground rules for respectful communication and defines the scope and goals of the mediation.


      Facilitated Dialogue

      The mediator guides the parties through a structured conversation, encouraging them to express their feelings, needs, and perspectives. Through active listening and constructive communication, the mediator helps parties gain a better understanding of each other's positions and uncover common ground.


      Agreement and Resolution

      In the final stage, the mediator assists the parties in crafting a mutually agreeable resolution. This agreement should address the concerns and needs of all parties, aiming for a win-win situation. The mediator ensures that the agreement is clear, realistic, and that all parties are committed to adhering to it.

      Still having questions about the aims and services of CCRE? Get A Free, No Obligation Consultation

      We understand that deciding to engage in conflict resolution services may require careful consideration and you may have questions or concerns. That’s why we’re offering a Free, No Obligation Consultation to help you make an informed decision.
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      Mediation and Conflict Resolution

      Readers can explore a wide array of articles that cover various topics, including practical conflict resolution strategies, benefits of mediation, case studies, and expert opinion pieces.